Your child is our priority

Here at The Butterfly House, our ethos is to ensure that children are supported with their development and learning needs, with a range of recourses and activities, at a level and pace suited to them as an individual child.


Children learn through many ways, but they learn the most when they are playing and having fun, which is why all our planning and activities are based around exciting play. They will experience opportunities, play and experiences, actively learning and developing creative and critical thinking.


We Aim:

  • To ensure that each and every child is cared for, accordingly.
  • To ensure that children thrive from the activities we provide and extend their play to help them develop at a rate appropriate to them
  • To ensure that children are safeguarded and protected at all times
  • To provide equal opportunities throughout the setting
  • To encourage children to develop their independence and self-confidence
  • To ensure parents/carers are informed of their child's progress and are actively involved in sharing their knowledge of their child to help inform our practice
  • To encourage parents/carers to share any experience or knowledge they have, which they feel will be beneficial to both children and staff.


Would you like to learn more about our approach?

Please contact us on 01480 218986 or use our contact form.